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Marketing the first business of every Start Up

Looking at the information kept by organizations that keeps stats on the success of businesses, it is quite clear that most businesses fail and fail miserably. And there are many reasons given but a few rise to the top on list after list.The lack of sufficient capital, poor management, not …

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A Few Basic Marketing Thoughts

Today, I would like to discuss a few things about Marketing. The main thing that I would like to accomplish here is to get the spirit of marketing going. But when I say Marketing, I do not mean just any kind of marketing but I am considering really direct marketing, …

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Reason Why You Will Probably Fail Online

When talking about simply and quickly setting up an online business, what are the biggest things that stand in the way of getting this done?  One thing is realizing the need to have this as the primary goal in the first place…To get started simply and quickly….  Another one goes …

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Trading

Samsung has hit hard earlier this year with Galaxy S6 and S6 with its Galaxy Edge, Galaxy S6 active is now finally official. However, Samsung Galaxy S7 is still not official, but just rumours. Less elegant than the S6, reinforced this model offers the same features with a much more …

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Keep It Real

This is yet another essential aspect of running an online business successfully. Do everything ethically and by the rules. Developing trust of customers is vital and it pays well in the long run. Stay legit and professional. Just because you are a new business should not mean that you will …

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Writing Professional Website Copy Content

From the perspective of sales and business, it is important to present your website content in a distinguished way to your visitors. Remember, after seeing your website, it is your content that can either attract or irritate your visitors, and you don’t want to do the latter one; right! Following …

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