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How Unethical SEO Service Providers Bad-Name Professional SEO

I remember back in 2009 when I was learning Search Engine Optimization, our trainer said that SEO has already started to become a field that everyone thinks he/she can do it. Just like we used to have so many (self-proclaimed) web/graphics designers, now you can see hundreds; even thousands of individuals claiming that they know SEO better than experts out there.I do not have any problem with that. Not as long as these SEO spammers do not bad-name and rob SEO clients. I can list a number of reasons why Search Engine Optimization is not for everyone. And believe me, I can prove it.

1. Starting From The Basics, They Don’t Have Any Base

That’s right. The majority of these SEO gurus have not ‘learned’ Search Engine Optimization the proper way. In fact, they have just ‘studied’ it as a topic and they got this crazy idea that anyone can do it. Of course SEO is not that hard or confusing that only selected people can do, but the key point here is to study and learn things the right way; from the basics.
Simply by reading couple of articles on the Internet and participating in couple of Internet Marketing blogs or forums can not make anyone a SEO specialist or a guru at all.

2. False Guarantees, Short-Term SEO Results, Spammy Techniques And Other Lies

When these low profile SEO’s have no clue about how to compile an SEO strategy or how to execute website optimization process, they will do what is obvious—they will mess things up for their clients; bit time. And that’s not all what they do. They lie almost about everything to their clients. They lie about ranking techniques they will be using, they lie about the results a client is expecting to see, they even lie about ranking their websites in a short span of time. Now ethically it is very wrong to misguide and make false commitments with clients for the results they will never see; at least not soon enough.
If I like Google even a little, it’s because of their constant search engine algorithm updates. Such updates have made it easy to track shady and spam SEO practices. Of course spammers can get short-term SEO results and rankings in Google using various Black Hat optimization techniques, but eventually they will be tracked and penalized by the big old G (Google).

How These People Negatively Affect To Authentic And Professional SEO Community

Just like in any other profession or business, people with unethical practices also bring in doubt the good ones. Same thing happens when clients are approached by legitimate SEO service providers. The businesses are more concerned about their online business and they are extra careful in selecting the right SEO company for their website marketing project.
But fortunately there are authentic ways an ethical SEO company can prove to be the right provider for the client. Most businesses ask for references and past SEO projects a company or a service provider has worked on. This minimizes the risk of becoming a victim of any shady search optimization company and it results in client satisfaction as well as winning the project.

What You Need To Do (As A Professional SEO Specialist)

Stay firm. Don’t let these spammers walk on your line. Keep learning and moving forward with latest SEO trends and marketing techniques. I can tell you one thing that identifying a fake SEO is very easy in today’s world as you can instantly tell by the way they talk about SEO and link building techniques. So be happy that you are different and far better than them.
As far as SEO projects and clients are concerned, the business community is now also mature enough to trace if they are being conned or scammed by a fake SEO service provider. Eventually you will see improved number of clients as long as your SEO techniques are not shady and obsolete.
To those who are new to the Internet Marketing world and want to learn things the proper way, there are lots of free and trusted resources out there and you can definitely learn a lot from these sites. Sites like WarriorForum and WickedFire should be your top learning platform when it comes to learning SEO.
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