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Money Making And The Internet Marketing Dream

It is said that 97% of all people who seek to make money on the internet are simply not able to do so.  The research shows also that  not only do these people fail to make money but they also experience  a peculiar condition which could be described  as the  wandering- suffering-mirage syndrome.These individuals operate in a fashion which is similar to people lost in a hot and weary desert. They wander from website to website, from guru (a knowledgeable and successful person who might teach them) to guru seeking the answer of how to make money online. This wandering is similar to being lost in a desert because firstly they are in fact lost. And lost in a peculiar way in that in their searchings they  find what is believed to be the answer to their longings.  And with joy they celebrate. Engaging in endless happy talk about the new lifestyle to come, so happy also that it is only  30 to 60 days away.

They visualize and delight themselves in their sweet meditations. The massive cash flows, the endless exotic travel,  the purchasing of fabulous items and the great deliverance from sorrowful employment.Finally they have found that oasis in the mist of a weary land. And with restless impatience they wait for the payouts of the joyous rewards to come. But they are informed that there is work to be done and there are skills to be learned.But to a weary traveler, this is not a good sign and not a great pronouncement. For they have very few skills to speak of and no disposition at all to work. So as the days go by and the dream (for it is a dream) begins to stall,  this army of marketers on the march,  again begins to fear, and dissolution  sets in.Because although both realities in the desert do exist, there is a traumatic and frightening difference between an oasis and a mirage. And this has been a mirage, an illusion, a deception.For it was not at all likely,  that from it they could have extracted profit. And so they march on from mirage to mirage in the weary heat of frustration and confusion, seeking ever seeking the internet marketing dream.

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