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Reason Why You Will Probably Fail Online

When talking about simply and quickly setting up an online business, what are the biggest things that stand in the way of getting this done?  One thing is realizing the need to have this as the primary goal in the first place…To get started simply and quickly….  Another one goes back to the holy grail.. the subject of Traffic. If you are looking to set up an online business so that you can make money to transform your life and the lives of your loved ones, Have you made the decision that you are going to do it using free traffic strategies? Why do people choose free traffic over paid?

If You had an uncle who was going to bank roll your marketing. He was going to finance your traffic for you. He was going to buy you all the traffic that you needed to get your business up and rolling,  would you take him up on his offer or would you say No thanks, I would rather go with free traffic. Firstly why do you like free traffic? Ask yourself, why do I like free traffic? I have asked myself that question. Why did I like free traffic?  I think part of it was the desire to become a writer. I think many of us in the internet marketing space like the idea of creating content and making money from it. We like the idea of writing an article or making a video,  publishing it and getting rich from it….Sexy ! When I went to College, I attended a small liberal arts school, Lawrence University in Appleton Wis. It is a small college but a rich college. It use to be called by some the Harvard of the mid-west. Many of the student who attended there had a dream of becoming writers. This was something they considered mainly because they came from a world where their parents and neighbors actually were writers.

They came from the world of the educated elite. The world of Professorships and elite schools. One of my friends whom I sometimes hung out with was Michael Updike the son of John Updike. Anyone who knows anything about American literary writers knows that John Updike is a legend and a giant. I came from the South side of Chicago….. During my years in college, I never had a dream of becoming a writer but many of my College friends did. Many of them wore the professor like clothes and actually smoked pipes at different times, projecting out the image of their dreams. It is an interesting thing to watch a nineteen year old holding an academic conversation while smoking a pipe . I did not know at the time or had really considered it, but they had a desire to create wealth. To become millionaires by writing out the thoughts and ideas that were in their heads… To create wealth from our minds, thoughts and  ideas is a beautiful thing. I believe many, of the people who start a blog, have this desire. A desire to bless the world with the beauty and the power of their ideas and thoughts. To release something new into the world that will add value to it. And to get rich doing it. I did not come from a world where my dad or my friend’s dad or a neighbor down my street was a writer. Like I said, I came from the South side of Chicago. So at the time, the idea of becoming a writer and of making money from it was not something that I had ever considered, even though I had been a writer on my high school’s newspaper. I once wrote an article for the school  paper.  A comic piece about a blind date with a girl named Big Bertha. I had people hollering at me in the halls reciting back to me different lines from the article that was particularly funny to them. I received in fact a tiny bit of popularity in my school, at that time as a writer, yet I never thought at all of what it might be like to become someone who wrote out the ideas in their head to become a millionaire from it. But, I say all of that to say this, I believe that the desire to make money from writing or even something like doing videos, is one reason why someone might choose free marketing over paid marketing. Because the very things that make up free marketing strategies are also the things that are a basic part of what it means to distribute content and be a publisher/writer online. But what is the motivation of someone taking pictures of money and posting it on Facebook in an effort to recruit a down line or to make a sale. I think that his only motivation has to be simply to recruit a down line or to make a sale. That person is only trying to have a business….. He is endeavoring to make money…..

The person who is spending his time link building or social media marketing or using SEO and keyword searches to rank on Google, guest blogging, article marketing, posting comments, building PBN’s, spinning content, what is the reasons behind all of theses different activities? I can only think of two reasons that a person would do these things. One, it is to rank in the search engines to get traffic back to a website because that individual desires to be a publisher, a successful writer, who creates quality content that also creates for him wealth. The other has a desire to get traffic back to a website, so that he can primarily make money… It’s business! Now, for those who desire to become writer-publishers, like I said, I can understand why they would use the Free traffic methods. They are creating an entity, a website on the internet. And web search is the fundamental way that you publish. It is how your message expands in the online world. But why would someone whose main purpose for being online is to have a business and to make money, why would they engage in free marketing strategies.There is one other reason I just thought of, it is because they like it. Seo, link building, ranking sites, this is fun for a lot of people. And some know how to do it with a degree of success.      And a very tiny fraction, with million dollar success.And I understand that…. Be happy…… do what you like……. and make money doing it.

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