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The Psychology Behind Setting Up A Successful Online Business

In creating a simple fishing pole setup, you need to consider what you are trying to accomplish. You have to look at the big picture first, and then you need to know the actual pieces that make it happen Well first you need to realize that you are setting up a 3 part system, just as Vick talked about. And so you first need a product that you absolutely believe in. Why do you have to absolutely believe in it ecause sales is the transference of feelings. And the main feeling that you are seeking to transfer is confidence; certainty. And you will not be able to communicate confidence or certainty about your produce or service if you do not have it yourself.  Believe it or not, we are not able to communicate confidence, or certainty or sincerity or true concern, or anything, if we do not truly have it ourselves. So you need to first have confidence that what you are selling is something that you would recommend to your very dearest friend. Because it increases greatly your power to influence and to sell. business guru, always asks the question Why this question? I believe it is because she understands the power and the energy of certainty and confidence and she never wants her attention to be removed very far from this focus. And so… we want our actions and activities… what we do and what we sell… to add energy and power to our business and our lives also. have sold things that friends of mine needed and wanted to buy from me because they had a lot of confidence in me as a person.  But I did not really want to sell it to them because I didn’t feel good enough about the produ  use to sell Natural Gas contracts door to door. I sold a locked in price for 5 years based on the assumption that Natural Gas prices would remain high and go even higher. Even though I was selling that locked in price,  for some reason, I never bought the product for myself and I was buying natural gas for my own home everyday. I knocked on the door of a sweet lady one day who invited me in and offered me lunch. I sat down to lunch with her and her brother.

We had a great lunch. She called her daughter while we were having lunch and told her about what I was selling. And her daughter came over and I signed up both she and her daughter to a 5 year Natural Gas contract. The price of gas had already dropped that year but it was thought that it would go back up. Now, I did not know anything about the Natural gas market or anything about world gas supplies or supply expectations. I was just out there selling these five year contracts.   Well, Natural Gas prices fell like a rock. The price went low and has since remained that way. That sweet lady and her daughter were locked into a gas price for 5 years that was three times higher than what regular customers were paying. Many times, accompanied by bad feelings, I think of that lady and her daughter. So it is important that you find products to The last thing that I will say about products that you might choose to market  is this. In order to make money with a simple fishing pole or a super sophisticated funnel for that matter is that you need more than one product.You need front end low cost products. Mid priced products and very high end expensive products. You have to realize two things here, one is that people want to buy. People have money and they are engaged in constant daydreaming everyday trying to think of things to buy. And they are going to buy.

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